Flexible Billing

We are transparent and up-front in our billing and we work hard to be flexible and to serve your needs.

Before we begin any work on your file, we:

  • give you a free consultation appointment
  • take you through our engagement process
  • figure out exactly what work is needed
  • let you know the cost.


Traditional Time Billing

Unless otherwise arranged, we will use traditional time billing. This is standard accountancy practice and is calculated based on the number of hours required to work on your file by different skilled staff in our office (accounting hours, bookkeeping hours, admin hours, etc). 

If you choose this billing method, we’ll give you a cost estimate based on how long we think the job will take.

Please note that this isn’t binding because it may change due to:

  • the scope of the job changing
  • the work taking more time than estimated.

If this happens, we’ll send you an updated estimate and let you know the reason.


Monthly Managed Bookkeeping

If we’re undertaking comprehensive, full-service bookkeeping and virtual office management we’ll negotiate a flat, all-inclusive hourly rate. This will include all types of tasks.

We bill this monthly in arrears based on time spent the previous month.


Agreed Price Service Plans

We also offer Agreed Price Service Plans. These are very popular and most of our clients use them. They’re fast becoming the norm for many service industries, including accounting.

An Agreed Price Service Plan is a set weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment amount based on the standard cost of our work, less a 10% discount. Payments must be made by direct debit or credit card, initiated by us.

To find out more about Agreed Price Service Plans click here.


Payment From Refund

We may be able to take our accounting fees from your income tax refund. An administration fee is charged for this.