Asset Protection

Asset Protection

The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) is a national register which protects your interests in your assets. We can help protect your business by using the PPSR.

PPSR Review

We will run a check on the PPSR to see if organisations have lodged registrations against you. We will also help you apply to have registrations removed where they are no longer appropriate.

PPSR Registrations

We will assess your assets to see if any are at risk and can be protected using the PPSR. Where appropriate we can help you to lodge registrations to make full use of the protections available.

PPSR Training

We can train your staff to use the PPSR's online portal to add and remove registrations as they are required.

Asset Hire Entity

Where your business uses significant movable assets (such as a fleet of vehicles), we can show you how to combine an Asset Hire Entity with the PPSR to protect your assets from creditors.


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