Fringe Benefits Tax

Fringe Benefits Tax

Fringe Benefits Tax is tricky, which is why lots of small businesses avoid it. Unfortunately, that means they can miss out on benefits or risk penalties.

Simple actions like buying meals for staff, or providing them with interest-free advances on their pay, can trigger Fringe Benefits Tax. You might have to lodge an FBT return if that happens. As tax accountants, we can help you work out your Fringe Benefits Tax liability and get your return lodged with the ATO.

Salary Sacrifice

Salary sacrifice options can save your employees tax – that’s like giving them a pay rise without spending a cent.

It takes planning and paperwork though, along with an awareness of the pitfalls and the opportunities. We can take you through it, or present the information to your staff so they know exactly what they can save.


FBT Return Lodgement

FBT returns can be complicated and they require detailed evidence. We can help you develop a record-keeping system that makes things easy for you at the end of each FBT year. We can lodge your return for you too.


We Make It Easy

As tax accountants, we have special tools that let us calculate Fringe Benefits Tax correctly. We also have fast, secure electronic lodgement channels to submit your return to the ATO and store all the substantiation records for you. 


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