Pricing Advice

Pricing Advice

Knowing how to price your goods and services can be tough. We’re experts at pricing theory and we’ll help you understand how pricing affects customer buying behaviour.

Comparing Your Prices

Many small businesses think they have to undercut or price match. That’s not the case in all industries. We’ll provide market research that gives you the best pricing options.


Types Of Pricing Strategies

Here are some of the pricing strategies we can take you through:

  • penetration pricing
  • skimming pricing
  • competition pricing
  • product line pricing
  • bundle pricing
  • premium pricing
  • cost-based pricing
  • value-based pricing
  • customer loyalty pricing.


Choosing A Pricing Strategy

As you can see, there are many pricing choices. Choosing one often means trial and analysis. We’ll help you work it out and put systems in place so you can monitor your sales results. 

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