Audit Preparation & Advocacy

Audit Preparation & Advocacy

Nobody wants to be audited. It’s stressful, it takes time and you might have your honesty questioned and be threatened with penalties.


ATO Audits

We’ll work with you to get everything sorted ahead of time. If you’ve made a mistake, we can help you with making a voluntary disclosure to the ATO – it might just save you from penalties.

Check our AIB AuditShield tax accounting insurance and find out how you can get this service at no cost.


Superannuation Guarantee Audits

Superannuation Guarantee audits can happen to any employer, even if you’ve paid all your super. They involve complex calculations and a lot of time searching through records.

If you use our AIB AuditShield tax accounting insurance we’ll provide these at no cost to you!


WorkCover Audits

Haslam Consulting & Accounting can also help you with WorkCover audits. While we don't provide Occupational Health and Safety advice, we can compile data, build cases for 'contractor vs employee' disputes and check wages data for premium calculations.


QBCC Audits

If you’re in the building and construction industry, then you must keep certain tax accounting reports each financial quarter and make them available for the QBCC to inspect. You also need to tell the QBCC if these reports show changes in turnover or assets.

If get audited by the QBCC, we’ll help you with these calculations and we can also advocate for you with the QBCC.

To avoid QBCC audits, sign up to our QBCC Licence Monitoring service.