Debtors Management

Debtors Management

Managing debtors is tough but if you don’t do it, your cash flow will suffer. We can help you manage debtors.

Credit Policy Writing

A credit policy protects you in the case of non-payment by providing a legal contract under which your customers are expected to pay. It can also include the right for you to run credit checks and refer debts to third parties for collection.

Haslam Accounting Toowoomba can help you write a successful credit policy. We can also include a sign-off process that customers must complete before you work with them.

Credit Limit Monitoring

No-one wants to turn down sales, but it can pay to withhold orders from customers while you have a conversation with them about their credit limit. This can be an effective way to prompt payment.

We can work with your staff to introduce practices and procedures that stop customers exceeding their credit limits.

Debt Collection

Some customers just won’t pay. Regular contact often fixes this but it’s difficult to do. We can take over this role for you and issue statements or call your late-paying customers directly.

Full Accounts Receivable Management

Our Virtual Office Service can take over all of your invoicing and accounts receivable. That includes:

  • generating invoices
  • generating statements
  • receiving payments into your preferred accounting software
  • following up with your debtors.