Financial Reports

Financial Reports

Business owners need to keep records and report on them. Not just for legal reasons, but because they tell the story of your business. Without them, you’re missing a wealth of insights.

We help you understand your data so your business does better.

Special Purpose Financial Report

This is the most common small business financial report. It must include:

  • a Statement of Financial Position
  • a profit and loss statement
  • a compilation report, done by the accountant, that discloses the accounting policies used.

The special purpose financial report helps you monitor your business and your accounts. It’s usually produced annually. We can do it for you at the same time as your tax return.

General Purpose Financial Report

A general purpose financial report is similar to a special purpose financial report but it’s for other stakeholders such as investors, lenders and regulators. It includes the same reports as a special purpose financial report as well as:

  • a Statement of Equity
  • a Statement of Cashflows

Certain businesses need to produce these for regulators. We can do these at year end or any other time.

Custom Financial Reports

You may want a custom report for a specific purpose. Have a chat with us and we’ll design a system to capture the data you need.